• Are rewards given only for FTDs?

      An affiliate receives rewards for each trader deposit throughout the entire period of their client's trading if they haven't already reached the maximum percentage on their plan yet.

      What are your advantages over other affiliate programs?

      Our advantages are the following:

      • An individual approach to each affiliate.
      • Highly skilled customer support via Skype and email.
      • Lifetime profit from each client.
      • A wide range of easy-to-use and effective promotional materials.
      • The possibility to order customized promotional materials for your resource.
      • A high rate of rewards.
      Where I am and what can I do here?

      This is the Binomo online trading platform affiliate program. You can attract traders to our platform, and you will receive a commission for all your traders’ activity.

      Do you provide any individual conditions?

      We use an individual approach with each affiliate and are ready to discuss any conditions.

      How can I work with you If I don’t have my own website?

      You don't need to have a website to engage clients. You can engage them using any legal methods, for example, through social networks, arbitrary traffic, or other sources of traffic.

      How can I change my password?

      You can change your current password in the "Edit Profile" tab, in the "Security" section.

      Are there any rewards for clients’ bonus funds?

      There aren’t any rewards for bonus funds given to partners as these funds are a gift to the trader from the company.

    • How to add a wallet for payouts?

      In the "Edit Profile" section under "Payment Information," you can add/change your default wallet. After adding a wallet mark the checkbox opposite it and click "Save."

      Which wallets can be used for payouts?

      Payouts can be made through the following payment service providers:

      • Webmoney,
      • Yandex.Money,
      • Epayments,
      • Skrill.

      Bank transfers are also an option. If you haven't found a payment service provider you like, please contact our support team. We will consider other options for payment specifically for you.

      What is the minimum amount for a payout?

      The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

      The minimum withdrawal amount for Neteller and Skrill wallets is $200.

      When are the payouts?

      Referral rewards are paid once a week, every Thursday. The earnings for the previous week are paid. You need to reach a threshold of 5 FTDs to receive a payment. The 5 FTD threshold applies only to the first payment.

    • What is a sub-account?

      A sub-account is a unique tag which is inserted into a link (a banner, landing page, etc.). You can use it to estimate the efficiency of a particular advertising campaign.

      How often are the statistics updated?

      The statistics are updated in real time, every 2 minutes.

      Are only confirmed sign-ups displayed in the “REGISTER" column?

      The "REGISTER" statistics column displays all sign-ups, including unconfirmed ones.

    • How to create a campaign or a sub-account?

      Campaigns and sub-accounts are created automatically after the first visitor appears. That's why you need to enter the parameters you want in the link generator in the promo-landing section and they will be generated and appear in the statistics.

      Which landing page has the highest conversion of topic-specific/non-related/entertainment traffic?

      We arranged the landing pages according to their level of conversion, from highest to lowest.

      In our experience, we can say that on average the following landing pages have the best conversion:

      1. https://binomo.com/en/promo/l21
      2. https://binomo.com/en/promo/l18
      3. https://binomo.com/en/promo/l16
      4. https://binomo.com/en/promo/l10
      5. https://binomo.com/en/promo/l2
      Traffic from which countries is permitted?

      We accept traffic from all geos, except the USA, Canada, Japan, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Israel, Australia and the European Union.

    • Do you have a referral program? What are the terms?

      We have a referral program in which you can get 5% of your referral’s earnings.