Binomoaffiliate program

Postback setup with examples

Initial setting

First of all, you need to specify the URL for  receiving  postback in the form of a link to the reception script without any additional settings, for example: 

If you want   to postback  to  all campaigns and sub-accounts, leave both fields for their names blank. 

There is an example of a complete basic setup for the trackerprosper202 and mail confirmation event:

 If you specify any additional settings starting with "?" postback will not work! 

Work with the events

There are  five events in system now:

- registration of the trader

- mail confirmation

- first Deposit

- subsequent Deposit

- app installed

The amount of money ( in USD) is available for deposits

All events are sent in the format {event}=true, for example, the t registration even will come as the following line:{click_id}&reg=true

The events are transmitted in turn  and linked  to one user, so different postbacks on, say, the email confirmation and the first Deposit will not work.

All event names can be renamed as you wish, for example, if you need to get the registration event with the name superrega, the event setup will look like this:

And you will get feedback like this{click_id}&superrega=true

Work with variables

There are 7 variables in the system now:

- the click ID

- site ID

- user ID

- Deposit amount

- Transaction ID

- your partner account ID

- the identifier of the advertising campaign

- identifier subaccount

All of them are optional and may not be used in feedback if you do not need it for some reason. Variables are setup in the same way as events. For example, if ID click in your system called  transaction_id , you specify the name for the variable and get it.

At the same time the traffic should  go to us with a system variable, like this a= {account_id} & click_id= {transaction_id}.

With this setting,  during the registration you will  get  the postback like   the following  (registration parameter has been taken from the previous example):{click_id}&superrega=true