Partners' reviews

I was initially drawn to the Affiliate Top affiliate program because of the weekly payouts. Then it was the great communication with my manager, who always finds the right solutions to situations in a timely manner and initiates interesting proposals.
IN partner
I've been working with the affiliate program for +/- 4 years & everything is great. Customer-oriented, nice interest, and payouts every week
IN partner
Affiliate Top is a team that has never once let us down and is always making concessions! In addition to all that are the regular competitions and bonuses that are great to get, so your incentive to try to attract new clients only increases
PT partner
Good online support, good profit %, regular payouts, easy to use affiliate program, interesting competitions.
Fast support, lots of competitions, loyalty I really like all that Thank you for being there!
UA partner
The managers have shown themselves to be not only responsive people, but also professionals who are able to provide timely assistance. I was particularly pleased that I never received template responses just for appearances' sake; I was always offered some kind of solution to help increase traffic. I should also point out that I have always received consultations in my native language, which is another plus for the affiliate program.
PT partner
Affiliate Top is one of the best affiliate programs I have worked with. It's simple and fast with timely payouts, a good incentive program, and generous interest up to 70%
TR partner